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Forming in late 2013, initially as a vocal-fronted band, Hardihood began their journey with the artistic direction driven towards the technical sounds characteristic of post-hardcore bands such as At the Drive-In, Deftones and The Mars Volta. But as the seasoned musicians’ gained the collective appetite to create something bold and different from what they have been accustomed to, the band – currently featuring the trio of Iskandar Fawzi on guitar, Shahreil Aziz on bass, and Endra Mahmood perched on the drummer’s throne – eventually evolved into ardent exponents of melodic math rock, making do without the conventional stewardship of a lead singer.


From the hard-hitting consonance of bands such as April Rain and Brutus, to the sultriness of jazz and bossa nova, Hardihood’s current sound is a product of them reformulating each member’s amalgamated influences, without foregoing the core components of punk and hardcore. These ideas are then coalesced by the band’s chief songwriter, Iskandar, who usually takes the lead in conjuring up the riffs and melodic lines to their tracks.

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